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Why Get Involved?
Every single penny sponsored or donated to Canterbury Imagine will help children improve literacy and life chances. Reading to a child improves brain development, speech skills and bonding with parents.

WE NEED FUNDS TO CONTINUE TO EXPAND AND OFFER MORE BOOKS - if you could donate by holding an event at work or for friends, or have a corporate way of giving, please help us and get in touch. Or go to the DONATE page on our website and give via JustGiving. Christmas is a great time for this! Thank you.
Children registered with Canterbury Imagine will build up their own ‘library’, creating an excitement about books which will pay dividends for their whole lives, irrespective of the family’s income.
Research published by the Literacy Trust says: “… evidence is accumulating to show that book ownership has a strong influence on educational attainment irrespective of other factors.” (Clark, C and Poulton, L. (2011).Book ownership and its relation to reading enjoyment, attitudes, behaviour and attainment. London: National Literacy Trust.).
Our charity aims are:
To advance the early educational development of children in such areas of Bradford as the Trustees shall determine, in particular but not exclusively by:
1. Arranging for free books to be provided to children.
2. Assisting and supporting parents to read and enjoy books with their children; and 
3. The provision of teaching and support in English for those who do not speak English as a first language.
Key Themes
  • Enhance our standing within the Bradford community as a sustainable venture.
  • Recruit support from business and individuals to ensure future growth.
  • Deliver exceptional and stimulating books to registered children with support from the nursery/ children’s centre.
  • Ambitiously grow our scheme to other deserving areas within Bradford.
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